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When we started Spicesmiths, we had a simple purpose in mind – to bring restaurant quality Indian dishes and small batch drinks direct to your door that you can prepare in minutes. Always hand crafted, never frozen and using the finest, freshest ingredients, this purpose remains the same today.


We believe there’s no finer ritual than enjoying a simple curry with friends or family and yet Indian cuisine is the most sophisticated and varied on earth. Unique among nations in its diversity of culture, languages, religions, tribes and foods, the British experience of Indian food is barely scratching the surface. 

The promise of the best un-explored curries alongside old favourites delivered to your door is at the heart of all we do. From authentically sourced ingredients to perfectly paired Indian Pale Ales, we prepare Indian banquets to share with those you love.


And yet despite the popularity of curry, tracking down a truly great dish away from your favourite local restaurant has always been difficult. Packaged sauces rarely capture the magic of India or live up to expectations. They certainly never quite taste the same as we’d all hope. And with that purpose in mind, Spicesmiths was born. 

Many of our curries are of Bangladeshi origin – for much of the history of the curry we know and love today, Bangladesh, like Pakistan and Sri Lanka belonged to a culinary world broadly known as Indian.  The food of Bangladesh is entwined with that of Bengal and Punjabis share a food culture even though their region was divided with the creation of Pakistan.


From the street food of Mumbai to the coastal cuisine of Chennai, our chefs draw upon years of experience of authentic Indian cooking and deliver it fresh to your door.

We set out to bring the quality we experience in our favourite Indian restaurants to British kitchens. We deliver what we think is the very best curry in the UK to your home and let you create restaurant quality dishes in minutes.

Our sauces are hand prepared by our team of chefs and matched with artisan breads, delicate rice, fresh herbs and spices and a constantly rotating choice of sides.


Authentic is a word used liberally when talking about Indian cuisine. In reality, the range of culinary styles within India  means that authenticity is more accurately tied to regions.

The staple food of each locality still ties people to their land and their community today. Indians from Bangladesh to Tamil Nadu believe that the local qualities of the soil and the water are absorbed into the grain crop. When the grain is consumed, it imparts these qualities to the population.  Each of the religious communities in India is also distinguished by its particular food taboos and there are a myriad different communities, castes and sects, each with their own ways of preparing and eating food.

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