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April Releases

New and Exotic Box

The feedback on our vindaloo was so positive that we plumped for another hot dish for April. A dish for lovers of hot curries, Sathkari has its origins in Bangladesh and features calamansi juice, wild lemon, amchoor and naga chilli to power the heat up to a 7/10. One of our all time favourite curries, we’d happily serve this every month given a choice.

Traditional Box

By popular demand, April’s traditional dish is a Korma. Not the poor substitutes you’ll see on supermarket shelves, this is the real deal. Our Korma is made from our blend of spices, yogurt and topped with some fresh cream. This rich sauce also contains cashew nuts and almonds and a dash of coconut to thicken.

For April, our Indian recipe boxes are served with organic prime cuts of lamb for Sathkari and chicken with our Korma. As always, our cuts are sourced from the finest butchers with quality, welfare and sustainability provenance you can be sure of.


Alongside our curries this month is our signature plain naan. No distractions to the flavour, just deliciously soft bread, as with all our breads, it’s baked fresh in our ovens, ready for you.

Side Dishes

Sides are some old favourites. Tarka Dhal is an amazingly creamy spiced lentil dish that can genuinely be paired with any Indian meal, but we feel like the creaminess is a great foil for the heat from the vindaloo. Bhindi Bhaji needs no introduction. A curried okra dish made with fresh okra or ladyfinger, stir fried with onions, tomatoes, herbs, and spices garnished with freshly chopped coriander leaves.

The naga chilli in the Sathkari curry packs a mean punch, so we wanted to offer something softer to acommpany the main event. We’ve got Bombay potatoes, a hearty side featuring cumin, mustard, turmeric, garam masala and a sprinkling of chilli powder. Goes with anything if we’re honest, but a great match for our curries this month all the same.

Our second side is Palek Paneer – a deliciously creamy dish consisting of cheese and pureed spinach. We boil and puree fresh spinach, then mix with saut?ed tomatoes and onions before adding oven grilled paneer and flavouring with ginger, garlic, garam masala and cumin.


As ever, we’ve teamed our sauce and meats with the finest Basmati rice. You won’t find a better quality rice anywhere, guaranteed.

Curated Drinks

Matching beer to hotter than average curries always presents a conundrum. Too bold and it clashes with the curry, too meek and it becomes lost in the mix. But this month, we’ve opted for another old favourite that we think hits the spot – Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA. With a hint of pine and a dash of grapefruit on the nose, it’s an American classic that also has a slight caramel note to it. It’s a classic for a reason!

This month’s dishes will sell out fast, so join the Spicesmiths Curry Club to avoid disappointment.

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