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indian recipe

Cook at home: Bebinca

Intro A wonderful Goan pancake-layer cake, adapted from an old Portugese recipe that used wheat, flour and milk. It’s not a quick recipe to prepare, but it’s definitely worth the effort! When we make this dish we use a fire fuelled with coconut husks, but your kitchen grill will do the job. Serves a mammoth […]

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April Releases

New and Exotic Box The feedback on our vindaloo was so positive that we plumped for another hot dish for April. A dish for lovers of hot curries, Sathkari has its origins in Bangladesh and features calamansi juice, wild lemon, amchoor and naga chilli to power the heat up to a 7/10. One of our […]

indian recipe

Cook at home: Khichari

Intro This is a super simple dish, found across India – it’s straightforward to prepare at home, but make sure you get the amount of water just right, so the rice and lentils are well cooked but not too sticky. This recipe will serve 4. Ingredients 100g red split lentils 2 tablespoons of ghee (or […]

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March Releases

New and Exotic Box This is quite possibly the perfect box. Our Railway sauce with lamb is exquisite. Many moons ago on a visit to Delhi, we discovered a dish that managed to capture the essence of the country’s rich food heritage. Simple, yet with a depth of flavour we’d never encountered – hot, but […]

curry subscription

Curry Subscription

The Spicesmiths Curry Subscription What could be better than curry and beer delivered to your door?! Not much we’d say. As the end of lockdown (hopefully) appears on the horizon, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate, come together and share memories with friends and family than a weekend curry. With our curry […]

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