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March Releases

New and Exotic Box

This is quite possibly the perfect box. Our Railway sauce with lamb is exquisite. Many moons ago on a visit to Delhi, we discovered a dish that managed to capture the essence of the country’s rich food heritage. Simple, yet with a depth of flavour we’d never encountered – hot, but not uncomfortably so and the true test of a great curry, it was outstanding without meat to bolster or detract from its purity. We set out to replicate this experience with Railway sauce – a rustic, slightly hot dish of tender chicken and potatoes cooked slowly in a handy using an authentic method. A staple dish at any hillside train station on India, brought to you fresh in our Indian recipe box from the Spicesmiths kitchen.

Traditional Box

No Indian restaurant menu would be complete without a Vindaloo. Immortalised by Fat Les in his World Cup anthem it’s a dish that divides the nation. Too punchy for some, the weaker sibling of the phaal for others – for us it’s the perfect curry when prepared correctly.

Our vindaloo is, as you’d expect, a hot dish, prepared with vinegar, sugar, ginger, spices, chili peppers that has its roots in Goa, with just the right balance of fiery temperature and tangy, sweetly spiced sauce.

For March, our Vindaloo Indian recipe boxes are served with organic prime cuts of lamb – we feel that the texture of our diced lamb is the perfect match with this curry – slightly chewier than a chicken dish, it forces you to savour the Vindaloo heat in every mouthful.


Complementing the vindaloo is our choice of bread for the month. We’ve plumped for peshwari naan – the sweetness of this bread is a great choice for a sweetly spiced sauce. Prepared fresh daily and baked in our ovens, the bread is our best selling choice and universally loved.

Side Dishes

Sides are some old favourites. Tarka Dhal is an amazingly creamy spiced lentil dish that can genuinely be paired with any Indian meal, but we feel like the creaminess is a great foil for the heat from the vindaloo. Bhindi Bhaji needs no introduction. A curried okra dish made with fresh okra or ladyfinger, stir fried with onions, tomatoes, herbs, and spices garnished with freshly chopped coriander leaves.


As ever, we’ve teamed our sauce and meats with the finest Basmati rice. You won’t find a better quality rice anywhere, guaranteed.

Curated Drinks

This month’s IPA is one of our go-to brews. It’s very much mainstream now, but non the worse for this popularity. Jaipur is undoubtably inspired by North American IPA such as Goose Island but brewed in the UK. This pale, golden-ish ale has a citrusy, slightly spicy aroma, and a bitter finish that just begs to be paired with the sweetness of our vindaloo and peshwari naan.

This month’s dishes will sell out fast, so join the Spicesmiths Curry Club to avoid disappointment.

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