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What is a Thali?

There was a moment when I thought, ?I?m just never going to get close to finishing this? and yet every ounce of my soul wanted to keep ploughing on. There must have been twenty small dishes on a plate, each in small ceramic bowl, each with an abundance of different textures, vibrant colours and flavours. […]

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What’s in the box?

Every month, there’s something new, but some things stay the same.. Each month we release a new box with something new and exotic alongside our classic curry recipe boxes. In every box you’ll find: Handcrafted base sauce, lovingly prepared in our kitchen – this simply needs to be heated. Normally we recommend this be added […]

curry subscription

Why Spicesmiths

It is often said that curry is our national dish and it is easy to see why.  We believe there?s no finer ritual than enjoying a simple curry with friends or family and yet Indian cuisine is the most sophisticated and varied on earth. Unique among nations in its diversity of culture, languages, religions, tribes […]

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