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What is a Thali?

There was a moment when I thought, ?I?m just never going to get close to finishing this? and yet every ounce of my soul wanted to keep ploughing on. There must have been twenty small dishes on a plate, each in small ceramic bowl, each with an abundance of different textures, vibrant colours and flavours. My eyes were far bigger than my belly, but my first introduction to a thali was a culinary awakening ? nothing came close to the experience of this Indian feast ? normally found during festivals or weddings, I?d stumbled upon the thali in a Delhi restaurant and have never looked back.

When describing a thali to those who?ve yet to experience one, I?ve often simplified it by comparing it to tapas. This does it a great disservice, but the principle is the same ? a selection of small dishes, bread and rice, each with distinct flavours. Traditionally you?d expect to find sweet dishes, salty, bitter, spicy, sour and dry dishes, served on the thali (metal plate) and the concept is particularly popular in North India.

At Spicesmiths, our take on the thali is one of feasting. Whether you choose a curry subscription or a one off curry recipe box, you?ll find rice, bread, a main curry and then a selection of smaller dishes, each with distinct but complementary flavours.

These dishes vary month to month, but in each box you?ll find six delicious choices to whet your appetite. Past dishes have included Bhindi Kurkure (baby fried okra and dip), Masala Dosa (spicy potato pancake and chutney) and fresh mango curry.

In our 2-4 person box, there?s two portions of each, so 12 portions in total and in our 4-6 person box there?s 24 portions to create a true Thali experience. Order yours here >>

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